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Complete your assessment in 5 steps!

There are five main steps involved in using the SAVI community assessment & planning tool.

  1. Define scope - In this step, you will define the geographic area that you will assess. Select which counties, townships, school corporations, or census tracts to include in your geographic assessment area.
  2. Assess needs – The system will generate a custom dashboard that illustrates how your defined area is fairing in terms of education, financial stability, health, and basic needs. The dashboard allows you to compare across different population groups and provides access to detailed information about each indicator, such as time series trends, maps, and comparisons with the state and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area.
  3. Identify assets - In this step, you will explore the community resources that are available in your assessment area. It is designed to encourage you to consider your community assets and how you might use them to address community needs.
  4. Define opportunities opportunities - Finally, you will consider how you can use the provided information about your community’s needs and assets to identify gaps and develop opportunities for community improvement.
  5. Review/download - After completing your assessment, you can download it in MS Word format for offline review and editing.

There are many excellent guides for planning and conducting an assessment that you may wish to use in conjunction with the SAVI community assessment & planning tool. A list of several of those may be found on the Resources page.

Download the user guide here

Access a list of data included in the tool on the About the Tool page